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Identification of New Challenges and Emerging Solutions in Biomarkers
- Biomarkers congress 2019

Welcome Message

Biomarkers Congress 2019 invites all the experts in the field of Biomarkers for the forthcoming event World Congress on Biomarkers and Clinical Research which is going to be held on August 05-06,2019 in Tokyo Japan.

Our International Meeting on World Congress on Biomarkers Conference was based on the theme :

20+ sessions for the participation of Keynote, Plenary talk, oral, Young Research Forum, Video presentation, Poster presentation and e-poster. This creates a new platform for the participants by building up networks between them.

Biomarkers and Clinical Research, Biological occasions will help in structures association, B2B collaborations in the midst of executives and academicians. We have managed different energizing Biomarkers occasions bringing the scientists and affiliations together. This Biomarkers Congress addresses the latest trends and technological development in the fields of biomarkers in drug delivery, biomarkers in drug safety, genetic biomarkers, biomarkers applications in Nano science, challenges of clinical translation, Companion.

We would be delighted to have your presence at this conference to hear, technology advancements and their impact on our research and daily lives. 

Scientific Sessions

Session 1: Cardiovascular Biomarkers

Biomarker change into the establishment of confirmation and treatment of any pains now a days. Companion tests are typically performed amidst clinical examination. There are a settled number of tests (65) are under repay arrange as picked by the Centres for Medicare and Medicaid Service. So, the current issues with the repayment may impact the section of new atomic test in the business territories and need certain adjustments in the present approach.

•             Circulatory Biomarker

•             Biomarkers for Heart Failure & Acute Coronary Syndrome

•             Biomarkers for Metabolic Syndrome & Cardiovascular Risk


Session 2: Neurological Biomarkers

Neurological Biomarkers is a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis of central nervous system, autonomic nervous system and Peripheral nervous system including their coverings, tissues, blood vessels and neurons. It plays a main role in prognostic, diagnostic and  personalized medicine as well as predictive under neurological disorders. Such neurological disorders are Stroke, Multiple sclerosis, Epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s diseases.

•             Biomarkers in Neuro-oncology Brain tumour & Brain damage

•             Biomarkers for early identification of Neurological disorders

•             Biomarkers in central nervous system diseases

•             Personalized medicine and diagnostic in Neuro science

•             cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers


Session 3: Cancer Biomarkers

A Cancer biomarker alludes to a substance or process that has the characteristic of the nearness of malignancy in the body. A biomarker might be a molecule discharged by a tumour or a reaction of the body to the nearness of disease. Hereditary, epigenetic, proteomic, glycomic, and other biomarkers can be utilized for malignant growth finding, guess, and the study of disease transmission. In a perfect world, such biomarkers can be measured in non-intrusively gathered biofluids like blood or serum

In Cancer research, Biomarkers can be used in 3 important ways:

·                  To help analyse conditions, as on account of distinguishing beginning time malignant growths (Diagnostic)

·                  To figure how forceful a condition is, as on account of deciding a patient's capacity to passage without treatment (Prognostic)

·                  To anticipate how well a patient will react to treatment (Predictive)


Session 4: Clinical Trials

Clinical preliminaries are tests performed in clinical research. Such up and coming musings of biomedical or conduct investigate in human individuals are planned to answer specific inquiries in regard to biomedical or social intercessions, including new drugs (eg. new antibodies, prescriptions, dietary choices, dietary enhancements and therapeutic gadgets) and interventions. Realized that require studies and exams. Clinical preliminaries deliver data on security and reasonability.


Session 5: Clinical Research

Clinical research is a part of standardized savings science that chooses the prosperity and ampleness (suitability) of the arrangements, gadgets, explanatory components and treatment regimens anticipated for human utilize. These could be utilized for counterproductive activity, treatment, discoveries or to quiet the symptoms of a few sicknesses. Clinical research is selective in connection to clinical practice. Collected drugs are utilized in clinical practice, while in clinical research affirmation is assembled to set up a treatment.


Session 6: Next Generation Sequencing

Cutting edge sequencing will be sequencing innovation to give amazing bits of knowledge into hereditary changes, DNA sequencing, atomic systems basic malady for a wide arrangement of qualities. NGS system guarantee to rebuild tremendous regions in clinical research, approval and investigation of sequencing-based biomarkers. NGS give positional sequencing empowering access to better and more exact succession data.


Session 7: Digital Biomarkers

Biomarkers are shopper produced physiological and social measurables by methods for computerized devices, for example, portables, wearables, implantable with high proficiency. Information gathered from these biomarkers is utilized in reshaping the comprehension of wellbeing and ailment that will have effect on person's relationship to condition is surveyed and how treatment viability is resolved. Advanced biomarkers likewise speak to a chance to catch clinically important, target information. These biomarkers are quickly changing the way we direct research, comprehend illness movement, and purchasers in consideration.


Session 8: Biomarkers for Disorders

 “Applicant biomarker" is term connected to any natural component related with a confusion. Mental clutters have a long history looking for biomarkers, with late investigations think about sub-atomic markers, similar to platelet imipramine official or conduct markers, for example, smooth interest eye developments in schizophrenia condition and dread eradication in individuals with nervousness. Ongoing pursuits anticipating exploring on blood biomarkers, for example, mind determined neurotrophic factor and cytokines in individuals with schizophrenia or gloom and More cutting-edge ventures, for example, the utilization of proteomics to characterize marks of proteins that are changed in blood.


Session 9: Blood-Brain Barrier

Antibodies and new medications that are promising for treating mind infections and disarranges are regularly restricted by poor cerebrum presentation. Research is centred around looking at better approaches to convey medications to the mind, including quality treatment and treatment of the BBB's micro vessels. CHI's fifth Annual Blood-Brain Barrier meeting endeavours to present to you the most sweltering subjects and greatest open doors in revelation and improvement of exceedingly useful remedial specialists against CNS issue and imaginative techniques for conveying treatments over the blood cerebrum obstruction (BBB). It will concentrate on the key territories of understanding BBB transport and brokenness in illness through a progression of contextual analyses and bleeding edge look into introductions


•             Drug conveyance and atomic transport of biotherapeutics crosswise over BBB: Ultrasound intervened conveyance, sub-atomic Trojan steeds (MTH), receptor-interceded transport (RMT), vector, nanoparticles/quantum dabs


•             Gene treatment


•             New CNS and BBB receptor revelation with BBB genomics/proteomics programs


•             New targets and biomarkers for CNS issue and sicknesses


•             BBB at locales of pathology amid infection and damage


•             New preclinical instruments, 3D models, biomarkers and interpretations techniques


Session 10: Clinical Trial Supply Management

In-house treatment of clinical starters can occasionally be an administrative and practical weight. By midway redistributing clinical primer scattering, pharmaceutical research affiliations will as often as possible can free up inside resources and meanwhile enhance security and nature of the movement of their fundamental medication. It can help in different stages like:


•             Forecasting


•             Stock Management


•             IRT Med Management


•             Temperature Services


•             Mass Drug Management


•             Examiner Initiated Trials and Specialized Clinical Programs


•             Drug store Services


Session 11: Pharmacovigilance & Drug Safety

Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management was planned for giving a cognizance of peril organization in human administrations exercises and applications. Pharmacovigilance is portrayed as the science and the activities relating to the acknowledgment, assessment, understanding and even balancing activity of threatening effects or some other medicine related issue. The purposes of PV are to enhance calm consideration and patient prosperity in association with utilization of medications.

•             Eco pharmacovigilance

•             PV: Current Regulation & Challenges

•             Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management

•             Pharmacovigilance Significance & Scope

•             PV Consulting’s and Business opportunity

•             Adverse Drug Reactions


Session 12: Careers in Clinical Research

The clinical preliminaries are the consistent examinations of effects, perils, suitability and focal points of new and not withstanding existing medications. Preliminaries ought to be finished before a thing accomplishes the recuperating focus or close-by medication store. They are endeavoured at various stages, or say 'organizes', and join preliminaries on strong individuals; patients with a disease; and in like manner ponders coordinated after the dispatch of the new thing to screen prosperity and indications during colossal scale use. Clinical starters are coordinated by pharmaceutical associations or Contract Research Organizations for the good of they. There are diverse parts and obligations in these times of Clinical Trials.

•             Clinical CROs

•             BA/BE Centres

•             SMOs

•             Data Management

•             IT Companies in Healthcare/Clinical Domains

•             Central Laboratories

•             Packaging & Labelling

•             Investigator & Site Staffs


Session 13: Biologics & Biosimilars Analytical Strategies:

Investigation of biosimilars and biologics structures to be a standout amongst the most imperative viewpoints towards the biologics and biosimilar advancement process. Biosimilars investigative strategies for process improvement and approval and in addition utilization of generation innovations, for example, disposables and store network coordination’s can enable organizations to set up office adaptability.

 This biosimilars worldwide occasion additionally incorporates Bio expository strategies, Formulation, Bioassay for equivalence and power testing, GMP protein examination, LC/MS investigation for disclosure, preclinical, and clinical projects.


Session 14: Legal Consideration for Biosimilars

For right around couple of decades, tranquilize authorities have been controlling dull prescriptions inside the limits of existing laws. The current ascent of Biosimilars requests an understanding of nonexclusive equivalency controls and how Biosimilar meds may fit into existing laws or what changes may be essential to empower medicate authorities to manage these new components, with the goal of saving millions or even billions of dollars at the same time.

•             Generic Drugs

•             The Purple Book

•             Safety and Risk Management Pharmacovigilance

•             Naming of Biosimilars

•             Market Access


Session 15: Monoclonal Antibody

Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are common pros that are comprehensively used to treat malignancies including non-Hodgkin's lymphomas and unending lymphocytic leukaemia. They are convincing anyway expensive. The licenses for a few, mAbs are passing, so Biosimilar arrangements, which contain an adjustment of the dynamic component of the primary prescription, are being created.

•             Monoclonal Antibodies in Oncology

•             Lymphatic Disorder Treatment

•             Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

•             Guidelines for Monoclonal Antibody Production


Session 16: Current Trends in Pharmaceutical Industry


This track examines about the new procedures and advancement of Biosimilar drugs that assume a noteworthy job in pharmaceutical industry in decreasing the expense of assembling and bringing down the danger of reactions and keeping up the quality. It talks about the new Biosimilars created and their activity upon the objective diseases. It identifies with the ascent of generation of Biosimilars around the globe.

•             Purpose and Principles of GMP

•             R&D and Way to Innovation of New Medicines

•             Pharmaceutical Process Validation

•             Regulatory Requirements


Session 17: Enhancing Drug Delivery System

Floor covering Delivery Companies and Market session is beginning to change for pretty much nothing, medium, and tremendous scale pharmaceutical Co, biopharmaceutical Manufacturing and Industries, non-explicit meds associations, contract quiet movement associations which can appear from enhancement to collecting. Watching out for these instabilities is a remarkable test, because of the versatile nature of the Clinical bio therapeutics themselves.

•             New Approaches to Enhance Drug Performance.

•             Drug Delivery Companies and Markets

•             Drug Delivery Companies and Market  Strategies

•             Drug Delivery Technologies


Session 18: Immuno-Oncology Biomarkers

Immuno Oncology biomarkers that can be utilized to recognize kindled tumours that may anticipate a prior antitumor insusceptible response.To distinguish the Immuno Oncolocgy biomarkers , clear up this one of a kind transaction between the safe framework and the tumour, BMS biomarker examine is focused on 4 sorts of areas. They are tumour antigens, aroused tumor markers, safe concealment markers, and host condition factors. Immuno-Oncology (I-O) biomarkers looks to portray the connection between the invulnerable framework, the tumour and its microenvironment, and the host. One of a kind collaborations of these variables, and additionally Immuno Oncology biomarker nearness and commonness, adds to the parity of actuation versus concealment of the antitumor insusceptible reaction.

•             Biomarkers in Immune monitoring

•             Mutation analysis using Biomarkers to guide therapies

•             Cell proliferation Biomarkers

•             Predictive Biomarkers to immunotherapies

•             Biomarkers in Companion Diagnostics

•             Prognostic Biomarkers

•             Liquid Biopsy for Immuno-Oncology

•             Tumor Neoantigens as Biomarker and target identification

•             Biomarkers for combinational immunotherapies

•             Evaluation of Biomarkers in clinical trials

•             Role of Biomarkers in Cancer Vaccines development

•             Tumor Microenvironment profiling


Session 19: Biomarkers in Drug Formulation

Medication plan likewise covers the surrogate end focuses in the utilization of biomarkers and patient determination or sidekick diagnostics and gives bits of knowledge into clinical biomarker disclosure and biomarker improvement or approval with administrative ramifications. Biomarker utilize can enhance pharmaceutical improvement effectiveness by choosing patients most proper for treatment utilizing a given instrument, upgrade portion choice, and give prior trust in quickening or ending mixes in clinical advancement.

Session 20: Clinical and Translational Biomarkers

Revelation phases of clinical help and translational biomarkers are utilized to recognize a compound's effect on organs or tissues before the clinical impact have been Proved. It tends to be characterized into three general classes: target biomarkers, component biomarkers and illness biomarkers. Translational biomarker depends on whether it tends to be perceptible, quantifiable and, at last, it very well may have the capacity to be qualified or approved.

•             Novel Biomarkers discovery

•             Clinical and analytical biomarker validation

•             Role of Biomarkers in clinical decision making

•             Application of Biomarkers in Drug discovery and development

•             Circulating Tumor DNA cells as Biomarkers: Case studies for various cancers

•             Non-invasive Biomarker for dug toxicity studies

•             Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) assays for Translational and Clinical Research in Oncology

•             Biomarkers in Clinical trials: Design, strategies & application case studies


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Who Should Attend?

The Biomarkers Congress is a special discussion to unite worldwide recognized scholastics in the field of Oncology, pharmacology, General wellbeing experts, to trade about best in class of research and advances. All the Deans, Head of Departments, Professors, Associate professors, Assistant professors, PhD scholars, doctorates, Industry Scientist, Clinical technician, Students, Doctors, Scholastic researchers and Other Professionals from Pharmaceutical and Bio-pharma companies belonging to the following fields are encouraged.

•             Immunology Biomarkers

•             Imaging Biomarkers

•             Clinical Biomarkers

•             Digital Biomarkers

•             Oncologist

•             Clinical and Radiation oncologist

•             Radiation therapist

•             Pharmacologist

•             Molecular Biomarkers

•             Medical physicist

•             Genetic researchers

•             Drug discovery Biomarkers

•             Biopharma researchers

•             Medical oncologist

•             Molecular Biologist

•             Immunologist

•             Immunotheraphist

•             Biotechnology professional

•             Bioengineers

•             Medical genetics and cancer epidemiologist

•             Bioanalyzers and Bioinformatics

•             Oncologist Biomarkers

•             Lupus Biomarkers

•             Business and marketing under Biopharma

•             Genetics and cell Biologist

•             Cancer information specialist

•             Pathologist

•             Hematologist

•             Neurologist

•             Microbiologist

•             Cancer research analyzer

•             Biomedical scientist

•             Biotech entrepreneur

•             Genetic Engineering

•             Cell culture and Stem cell researcher

•             Molecular and cell biologist

•             Biochemist

•             Cancer biologist and all biomarker associates.

Market Analysis Report

One out of two men and one out of three Women will be diagnosed with cancer by the time they are 85. In the course of the most recent decade 385,000 new instances of malignant growth were recorded in Japan. The breakdown was as per the following: 211,000 new cases in men (normal age of 68) and 174,000 cases in Women(normal age of 67).

The rate of malignancy in men dropped by 1.3% per year somewhere in the range of 2005 and 2012 in any case, it ascended by 0.2% per year in Women. Mortality likewise diminished over a similar period. Male mortality diminished by 2.9% and female mortality by 1.4%. 149,500 individuals kicked the bucket of malignant growth: 84,100 men at a middle age of 73 and 65,400 Women at a middle age of 77.

Scope and Importance:

The disclosure of new biomarkers and their interpretation into wellbeing intercessions are essential to address the difficulties presented by Human sicknesses in Japan. Better instruments are unequivocally required for the discovery and reconnaissance of illnesses at the epidemiological level and in addition the finding and observing of diseases and conditions at the clinical level. Their improvement will be progressively critical in the coming of customized prescription.

It is also due to high capital investments and low cost – benefit ratio. In 2016, predictive biomarker is estimated as the largest share in the market. This large share of predictive biomarker is due to the wide application in personalized medicine and companion diagnostic. This report covers several countries, regions, they are

·         United Nation

·         European union

·         Japan

·         China

·         India

·         Southeast Asia

From 2018 Market analysis

The global market for biomarkers should grow from $ 78.9 billion in 2018 to $ 136.5 billion by 2023 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.6% from 2018 through 2013.

This report focuses on the top players in global market like

·         Roche Diagnostic

·         Siemens Healthcare

·         Abbott Laboratories

·         Thermo fisher scientific

·         Agilent technologies

·         Bio-Rad laboratories

·         Aushon Biosystem

·         Epistem Ltd


·         Myriad Genetics



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